What I am working on now

Wonky Double 4 Patch Mockup

The title is a bit misleading, I am not making this many blocks, but I am making a bunch. The image above is the result of me playing with layouts on the computer rather than on the design wall.

If you watch this video this Wonky Double 4 Patchwill make sense. It is incredibly easy but several together look challenging.




Another Quilt Block Idea

A draft for a stand alone attic windows block meant for use in a sampler quilt.

Attic Windows Draft

The draft is for a finished 12-inch block, for the Sunshine Block Lotto. I need to tweak the sashing between the windows, but this gets the idea across.

December is “pot luck” month, so I will probably use it then.

Quilting Block Ideas

The Sunshine Quilting Guild has a monthly block lotto. I have been playing around with some ideas. I saw two blocks online that I liked so I made my own versions. The first one was inspired by this. The second was inspired by many photos. Just Google Tilted Square block.

Cats and Dogs Selfie IdeaDino block idea

I already have the fabrics. Next step will be test blocks, then real selfie and dino blocks. I want to start with the selfie one but the dino blocks are for next month’s lotto so I better get on those first!

Here is a great post about the monthly block lotto.

That was fast

My day that is. And as it is 00:19, I mean yesterday. Here is a little of what got finished.


Hand sewing is so relaxing.

I finished both gifts.


This economy block has a wealth of busy prints.

Tested this pattern.
When I pulled these fabrics out I thought they went together great. Now I am not sure what I was thinking.

I also ordered more fabric from Melinda’s Fabric Shop. She sent the following 10% off coupon code MFSVG361PPF that can be used three more times within the next four days. I have only purchased from her twice, but have nothing but good things to say about both the quality of the fabric and her customer service. Even without the coupon she has good prices.

A little caturday night fun

I am gearing up for some charity sewing. In need of practice and stash reduction, I am making a lap quilt.
It took three tries to get my seams to match but I did it!

Hourglass with perfect pointsNow I just need to do it about 30 more times.

Last year I gave away 90% of my quilting fabrics, UFOs, random blocks, etc. to local charities. This year I cleaned up what was left. I was surprised by how much was still here and how far along some of the projects were before life got in the way.


91 Crumb blocks

Nostalgia Alert! Some of the fabrics in these blocks are from the 80’s. There are a lot of memories in these bits of cotton. Even after my playing, there will be plenty to make quilts to give away. Pictured are just some of the finished blocks. In addition, there are enough bits of blocks to easily make another hundred full blocks.

About scraps…how small is too small to keep/toss is a subjective topic. Below is my solution to come as as close to zero waste as I can.


The no trash solution

These containers live next to the sewing machine and cutting table. The “Bitty Bits” are the smallest possible size I can fathom sewing together, about 1″ square. Blame Lynn Harris.