Fabric Covered Canvas Wall Hanging

This was so fast to finish that I feel like I cheated.

Curved pieced fabric covered stretched canvas in mustard yellow, gray leaf print and teal grunge dot print.

This patchwork design is not what I originally planned. I was going to do a swoosh up from the corner with a second gray fabric, but went with this instead. To cut and sew the curvy patchwork, I refreshed my memory using this video.

Curved pieced fabric covered stretched canvas in teal grunge dot print,  gray leaf print, and mustard yellow, this is the original orientation.

This is how I originally laid out and cut the fabric. I am not sure which direction I prefer.

If you recognize the fabrics and colors from March of last year, this is another birthday gift for the same recipient.

Back of the wall hanging showing how I stapled and glued the edges down.

Did I forget to mention this is my first time ever doing this? It really shows on the back. I need to learn how to make this tidier. The mustard fabric got extra staples because it is a less stable fabric than the teal and gray. I glued the fabrics raw edges down as well.

Close up of one of the corners of the wall hanging showing the clean folded fabric edge.

I am also working on very neat corners. They gave me a tiny bit of trouble, especially on the back. But, this was good practice as I will be making a covered headboard soon and want as close to professional results as I can get.

This was so fast from start to finish; I don’t know what happened. I am not used to projects I can finish in hours instead of weeks or months. I am definitely going to have to work more of these quickies in for sanity’s sake. And I have six more 12″ X 12″ canvases and five 16″ X 20″ to play with!

Finished Object – Stained Glass Gifty

I definitely learned a few things about this technique. I am not a fan of the stitching that shows on the back. For something this small, the hand sewn version would have been better.

I considered making the binding as wide as the sashing after I cut it. In other words, too late to change my mind. I also hit the dreaded seam in the binding at a corner. Yippee!

All in all, it was a fun project and I hope the recipent likes it.

This came to mind while I was pressing it and berating myself for my less than perfect seams and corners: Wonky = Wuv*

*wuv, luv, love

More Stained Glass

Long story short: my car got totalled and the auto insurance claims department, in a word, sucked. My local agent’s office was the exact opposite. If not for that representative, I would have a new auto insurance carrier.

So I am making her a little gifty. These are mock ups, in reality what you see below is actually patches of fabric cleverly arranged on the cutting table.

Front and back. I will be sewing this using SusanClaire’s technique as described here. Fully reversible, so it’s a two-for-one deal.

Oh yes, I forgot to share the flannel I am using to back my denim stained glass quilt:

Both the quilt as you go/reversible quilt technique and to use an animal print as the backing were found here. I will be doing my own design based on what I cut from my denim stash. Honestly, it’s like playing with a puzzle. Fun!

Stained Glass Patchwork

Second and third finishes of the year.

These are gifts for a co-worker. I Googled “quilted plant mat” and found an image for stained glass mug rug. That became my inspiration.

I started by laying scraps on the cutting mat to see if I could just use what I already had. Mostly, yes. I did cut down a couple of 5″ charms, but basically the rest were cutoffs from other projects.

I found the video first, then this blog post and used the method described to add the sashing strips. I used leftover black fabric torn for the kitchen rug. I did not cut the black strips to match the patch, instead I trimmed off the extra after it was sewn on.

My strips are wonky but I love the way the black sets off the colors. Plus wonky = handmade with love.

The back is pieced from more leftover fabric bits.

Viola! Here is the front…

…and the back.

I decided to make another reversing the color placement swaping light for dark.

This time I started with bits from my neutral bin.

And came up with this. Here is what I changed from the blog method:

Using the half inch seam guide on the sewing machine was more accurate than folding the strips. But it also resulted in narrower sashing.

I also remembered to make the back a little more interesting by tilting it a bit before I cut it to size for the front.

The aftermath. There is the kitchen rug peeking out in the upper left hand corner. I don’t think I will have time to play with it this weekend because I have to adult and do chores.

The Big Finish

of a little cat bed…

I wish I could add a gratuitous cat loving her new bed picture, but alas, she is completely ignoring it at this stage. That has not deterred me from wanting to make her another one in a different style.

Wishing you all a happy, healhy stash busting 2019!

Hands 2 Help Update

I am soooooooper slow on this. The quilts are due on the 20th(!) and I still have my first one on the design wall. This weekend I need to get it in gear, pedal to the metal and all that!


Part of the delay has been due to my rearranging the blocks. They are slightly different than this photo now and I hope I will keep my bloody mitts off of them and just sew them together already.

On advice from Sarah who is coordinating this challenge, I am going to pick up some flannel to use as the batting. I am donating to Little Lambs of Utah and the quilts need to be folded up to fit into a backpack, so thinner is better.