About Today

For lack of a better title.

This was a vacation day filled with errands and appointments.

First was the medical appointment in which my doctor ordered me to do my crafts for at least 3 hours a day as a part of my stress management plan. I doubt I have to tell you how much this has endeared me to my doctor.

I think I have been happily working on my kitchen rug for the past 3+ hours. I have been at it long enough that my fingers are sore. It will take many more hours to complete and I am enjoying the process.

Sadly, my day job includes a commute that should be about 2-1/2 hours a day. Typically, it is 3-1/2 hours because there are always problems on the trains. So crafting after work usually means missing much needed sleep.

Rock, meet Hard Place. I’ll be here in the middle trying to sort this out.

I also took my new-to-me car for a minor repair and treated myself to a pizza lunch.

It tasted better than it looks. Shockingly so. I can now confirm that brussels sprouts are crazy yummy on pizza. The balance is roasted garlic, black olives, mushrooms, and dairy free-cheese. I would plug the restaurant, but they got a solid “F” on customer service.

Best. Desktop. Ever.

I revised this layout slightly.

It was a good day.


Quilters for Diversity

I do not know why I just found this when it was written four years ago.


I saw the badge on the side bar of a quilting blog. I need to share it here as well.

Let me explain. I am one of the people who feels a little twinge of discomfort and sometimes outright sadness when crafting blog after blog, video, retreat, guild and meet up photo show exactly zero women like me.

I am not saying this is intentional in all cases. But I want to know why is this still happening?

I have been the rare token in such groups and was definitely treated differently from the other women. My remarkably similar socioeconomic background, education, morals, language, national history, and borderline addiction to quilting all paled compared to that other thing.

My year round tan and slanted eyes seem to be varying degrees of off putting. Instead of a fellowship of quilters, an invisible wall stood between us. The little hints in the way you looked at and spoke to me; the palatable sense of ill-ease. Perhaps I should I have worn a badge that said “Colored NOT Criminal”.

Christmas was so awkward, but I did my best to play along. While we were making our tree skirts, I did not tell you I was atheist because I did not want to be rejected from the group. I crafted along side you as well as I could.

I will never forget the meeting where a rant went round the room because “Queers had ruined the rainbow.” I think that marked my last time at that guild.

“But!” you cry, “Surely not in 2018. We embrace women of color, we embrace queer women. We embrace diversity!”

Except you don’t.

“We have don’t have a problem with all of you.”

If that were true, we would be there with you at your shop hops and classes, along side you at quilt shows and *gasp* we would gleefully, creatively, respectfully participate.

Drop the damned labels and preconceptions. We do not have to be alike to be quilting comrades. Treat me like you want to be treated and we will get along just fine.


I wrote about leaving the guild I was making the donation quilt blocks for. But, I did not say why I left it. Now I don’t have to.

And then there is MeWe, the Facebook clone organized and based solely on hatred of Facebook. Were that were not distasteful enough, said organization allows hate groups similar to Stormfront, maintains monochromatic optics and ignores all suggestions relating to diversity and inclusion.


Thank you   for speaking out on this topic. It bears repeating and offered me an opportunity to get a weight off my shoulders.