Hands 2 Help Update

I am soooooooper slow on this. The quilts are due on the 20th(!) and I still have my first one on the design wall. This weekend I need to get it in gear, pedal to the metal and all that!


Part of the delay has been due to my rearranging the blocks. They are slightly different than this photo now and I hope I will keep my bloody mitts off of them and just sew them together already.

On advice from Sarah who is coordinating this challenge, I am going to pick up some flannel to use as the batting. I am donating to Little Lambs of Utah and the quilts need to be folded up to fit into a backpack, so thinner is better.



I have only two pair of pants I will wear in public. That makes getting dressed for work a challenge. Like a lot of folks who sew, especially when age and gravity have had their way, I have experienced problems getting the pants I make to fit well.

I made a pair of Loes Hinse Oxford pants and they were wearable with no alterations. While they fit and as well or better than most RTW, they needed a tweak or two.

Enter Exhibit A:

IMG_7853I have had Butterick 3133 for a very long time. It has two things I really wanted for this next pair of pants: a flat front and tapered legs. Surprisingly, this size 12 pattern matches the waist of the Oxford size medium. That made altering the waistline and leg shape extremely easy.

The other alterations I made were to both lengthen the back crotch and back inseam. These changes were based on reading the wrinkles in the first pair I made. I want closer to a smooth trouser fit back there and found the crotch as drafted is closer to pants. Not bad, not uncomfortable, but closer fitting than I want to wear right now.

My test pair will be from some very colorful rayon challis:


I have a love of colorful prints and pants made from them but a morbid fear of looking like a clown. Fingers crossed that all my pattern alterations work and the print is cute, not lame. I have a skirt from the fabric that I wear in the summer…but pants…I have been hesitant for a long time.

These are the fabrics I purchased to make work pants from. On my monitor, the colors are off; the first is a navy and tan check and the second an ivory and navy herringbone. I also have some navy Telio viscose twill for this soft pants style.

I was inspired to frankenpatten the Loes Hinse and Butterick because of this blog post. Scroll down to the picture from Elle magazine of the designer pants. They have an extremely similar pocket to the Loes Hinse and waistband treatment to the Butterick 3133. I am sure I will make more wide leg pants, too.

(I cheated – instead of using the paper like Connie Crawford recommends to cut this, I used medical tape to keep the edges straight and a very sharp, small rotary cutter.)





Quilting Block Ideas

The Sunshine Quilting Guild has a monthly block lotto. I have been playing around with some ideas. I saw two blocks online that I liked so I made my own versions. The first one was inspired by this. The second was inspired by many photos. Just Google Tilted Square block.

Cats and Dogs Selfie IdeaDino block idea

I already have the fabrics. Next step will be test blocks, then real selfie and dino blocks. I want to start with the selfie one but the dino blocks are for next month’s lotto so I better get on those first!

Here is a great post about the monthly block lotto.

That was fast

My day that is. And as it is 00:19, I mean yesterday. Here is a little of what got finished.


Hand sewing is so relaxing.

I finished both gifts.


This economy block has a wealth of busy prints.

Tested this pattern.
When I pulled these fabrics out I thought they went together great. Now I am not sure what I was thinking.

I also ordered more fabric from Melinda’s Fabric Shop. She sent the following 10% off coupon code MFSVG361PPF that can be used three more times within the next four days. I have only purchased from her twice, but have nothing but good things to say about both the quality of the fabric and her customer service. Even without the coupon she has good prices.